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Judge Montgomery Develops New Guardianship Program to Help Parents Address Mental Health Needs with Children

Judge Montgomery developed a new guardianship concept referred to as a “Limited Guardianship for Mental Health Care Purposes.” This Limited Guardianship will allow parents to stay involved in their children’s mental health care needs after they turn 18.  This will help children make a successful transition into their next phase of life without putting them under the burdens or confines of a full Guardianship.  This Limited Guardianship only comes into effect when parents are dealing with the mental health care needs of their child and is 100% confidential like all other medical information.

If you think this is a program that could benefit any member of your family, please feel free to contact the Franklin County Probate Court at 614.525.7427 and speak to Staff Attorney Ray Parello.

Click here for Limited Guardianship for Mental Health Care Purposes Forms.

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Proposed Revisions to the Probate Court Local Rules Open For Comment

Judge Robert G. Montgomery, Franklin County Probate Court Judge, provides notice of updates, additions and deletions to the Franklin County Probate Court Local Rules of Court. 

For your convenience, you may also pick up a red-lined version of the proposed revisions at the Court at 373 S. High Street, 22nd floor, Receptionist Desk.

Comment period will run until Noon on June 29, 2018.  Comments can be made either by mail to Robert G. Montgomery, Attn:  Local Rules Comment Box, 373 S. High Street, 22nd Floor, Columbus, OH  43215 OR to the e-mail address:

The new rules will take effect August 1, 2018.

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Probate Court Creates Innovative Mental Health Program

Franklin County Probate Judge Robert G. Montgomery announced that yesterday the Court conducted its first Outpatient Commitment Court (OCC) case for its newly developed program. The OCC is a cooperative program between the Franklin County ADAMH Board and the Probate Court, which provides necessary support to mentally ill patients, allowing them to remain in the community, versus being institutionalized through the involuntary inpatient civil mental commitment process.

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Guardianship Service Board Works

Upon taking office as Probate Judge in Franklin County, Ohio, Judge Robert Montgomery had a vision to change the guardianship system from an attorney-based guardianship system to one where social services agencies take the lead in protecting the needs of the indigent.

Today, the Franklin County Guardianship Services Board is making that vision reality.

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Ohio County Establishes Unique Guardianship System

When Robert Montgomery was elected the sole Probate Judge of Ohio’s largest county in 2014 (sic 2010), he inherited a guardianship system in total disarray. … So, Montgomery, who had never held judicial office before he ousted Franklin County’s longstanding probate judge, set out to completely revamp the system.

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Better Care For The Vulnerable

A Columbus Dispatch editorial

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Vulnerable Now Getting Better Help

A Columbus Dispatch editorial

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Judge Montgomery Receives Prestigious Award

The National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter Region V nominated Judge Montgomery to receive their "Public Elected Official of the Year" award for 2016.

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Judge Montgomery Creates the State's First Public Guardian

Probate Judge Robert G. Montgomery today assigned four wards to guardianship under the newly created Franklin County Guardianship Service Board. The assigning of indigent wards to the Board represents a first of its kind pilot program for a “Public Guardian” in the State of Ohio. It represents a shift from an attorney-based system to a social services model. The Board is funded without the imposition of any new taxes.

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Superintendence Rule 66 Regarding Adult Guardianships

As of June 1, 2015 the Supreme Court of Ohio has implemented new Superintendence Rule 66 regarding adult guardianship cases. An important provision in this new rule is guardianship training which requires all guardians of adults to receive 6 hours of fundamental education, then 3 hours of continuing education every year thereafter.

In addition, the Court has enacted Local Rule 66.13 for the procedure for complaints.

Please visit the Court's website periodically for updates on guardian's responsibilities and other fundamental education sessions and future continuing education sessions.

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Outpatient Only Commitments

The law regarding outpatient commitment for the mentally ill individual took effect on September 17, 2014. Please click here for further information.

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Background Check Required For Guardianship Applicants

Upon applying for guardianship you are required to have a BCI background check performed. Background checks should be completed as soon as possible to allow for processing. Timeframe for processing is 3 to 30 days. Click on the below link to locate a BCI background check site near you.

Background checks may also be performed at Probate Court during regular business hours.

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