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Marriage License Requirements

Please review the minimum requirements for applicants to be directed to the online application:

  • Both applicants are required by law to appear in the Probate Court to obtain their marriage license.  
    If you arrive by 4:00 p.m. with all of your required documents, we will be able to issue your license the same day.

  • Both applicants must provide a valid photo ID and provide their social security number if they have one. Social security numbers do not become a part of the Court's public records.

  • If the valid photo IDs of both applicants show residency in another county or state, the Court requires proof of Franklin County residency from at least one applicant. Verifications should be dated within the last 30 days and may include a utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement, bank statement, social security statement, other government benefit letter, etc. dated within the last 30 days.

  • Both applicants must swear or affirm that all information and testimony is true, correct, and complete. 

  • Ohio residents may obtain a marriage license within the county where either applicant resides. At least one applicant must live in Franklin County for a marriage license to be issued by this court. The license is valid anywhere in the State of Ohio.

  • If both applicants reside out of state but will marry in Ohio, their marriage license must be issued in the county where the ceremony will take place. 

  • Any applicant under the age of 18 must first obtain the consent of the Franklin County Juvenile Court. The Probate Court will not issue a license or accept an application any sooner than 14 days from the issuance of a final order of consent from the Juvenile Court. A copy of the order must be provided before an application will be accepted.

  • Both applicants must be unmarried, and they may not be more closely related than second cousins.

  • If an applicant is under guardianship, the license will not be issued the same day and additional review by a magistrate is required.

  • If a previous marriage ended in divorce or annulment, the applicant(s) must provide a certified copy of the most recent divorce/annulment/dissolution decree along with case numbers/dates/locations (county/state/country) of all previous marriages, names of previous spouses and all current minor children.

  • If a previous marriage ended in death, applicants are required to produce a certified copy of the death certificate(s) for deceased spouse(s).

  • Proof of any legal name change granted to applicant(s) must be provided.

  • Only an ordained or licensed officiant who is registered with the Secretary of the State of Ohio, a municipal court judge (or other judge with an order from the probate judge), a mayor, or the Superintendent of the State School for the Deaf may solemnize a marriage. For Civil Ceremony information please contact the Franklin County Municipal Court at 614-645-3889.

  • Applicants are responsible for checking their marriage license for accuracy prior to leaving the court. Corrections made after the license is issued and accepted by the applicants are subject to additional fees for corrections.

  • The fee for the license is $65.00. Fee is payable in cash, money order, or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted). There is a 3% service fee for all credit/debit card transactions. The Marriage License fee is non-refundable.

  • The license is valid for 60 days from its date of issuance. If applicants reschedule their ceremony outside of that time, another license must be issued. 

By clicking this link both applicants agree that they have read and understand all of the above information