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Miscellaneous Forms

Form Number Form Name
PC-EGT-1.D Application for Continuance of Hearing
ePC-EGT-1.DR eApplication For Continuance of Remote Hearing
PC-EGT-1.C Application for Fees
PC-EGT-1.M Application to Admit Foreign Records
PC-EGT-1.F Application to Extend Time
PC-2.D Application to Place Will on Deposit
PC-EGT-1.B Application to Reduce Bond
PC-E-1.Y Application to Reopen Estate to Report Newly Discovered Assets
PC-3.0C Appraiser Application
PC-E-2.B Authorization to Deliver Will on Deposit for Safe Keeping
PC-EGT-1.U Claim of Witness Fee
eNotice Attorney Form
PC-EGT-1.N Entry
PC-EGT-1.A Entry Approving Additional Bond
Entry Granting Media Request
PC-EGT-1.R2 Filing Information
PC-15.7 Household Resource Worksheet
PC-61.0A Joint Declaration
PC-EGT-2.A Magistrate's Order Finding Pleading Non-Public Record
PC-EGT-1.W Magistrate's Order Regarding Fees
Media Request
PC-EGT-1.NM Motion
PC-C-20.7 Notice of Death of Fiduciary
PC-61.0B Order Affirming Joint Declaration
ePC-EGT-1.DeR eProposed Entry Continuing Remote Hearing
PC-EGT-1.DeR Proposed Entry Continuing Remote Hearing
ePC-EGT-1.EeR eProposed Entry Setting Remote Hearing
PC-EGT-1.ER Proposed Entry Setting Remote Hearing
ePC-2.ESCR eProposed Entry Setting Remote Status Conference
PC-2.ESCR Proposed Entry Setting Remote Status Conference
ePC-2.ESC Proposed Entry Setting Status Conference
PC-E-1.YA Report of Distribution
PC-EGT-1.L Request for Acceptance of Resignation of Fiduciary
PC-1.S Return of Certified Mail Service
ePC-1.0T-1 Subpoena