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Name Change

The Franklin County Probate Court is getting a facelift.  Several temporary changes will be necessary during construction.  Thank you for your patience for the next few months.

Court Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.
  • Cashier Closes at 4:30 p.m. Please arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. if your business with Court requires a filing fee or payment.
  • The Court remains open until 5:00 p.m. for informational, non-transaction purposes only.
  • Name change applications are accepted via e-filing or on paper through the mail or physical drop box,
    • If e-filing, applications must be filed under "petition." 
  • Name conformity applications may be submitted on paper via mail or physical drop box. 

-Filing System - How To Request a Pro Se (non-attorney) Account e-Filing Instructions for Name Change Name Change Pamphlet PDF Form Issue

If you have been a Franklin County resident for the past 60 days you may apply for an adult name change for yourself, or a minor name change for your minor child.

  • All applications muct be notarized. The Court cannot notarize documents for you. 
  • If a minor is involved; a certified copy of the child's birth certificate is required in all cases.
  • Many applications will not require a hearing, but those that do will be scheduled remotely via Zoom.
  • If a hearing is scheduled, applicants must appear with picture identification.
  • Many applications do not require publication. If publication is required, the court will publish the application in a local newspaper of general circulation 30 days prior to the hearing and the applicant is required to pay the publication fee.
  • Confidential name changes cannot be e-filed. 

Court Costs

Name Change Application


Publication Costs (if publication is required)

$30.00 - $60.00

For an adult name change the Court will check the public records to see if the applicant has a criminal record. 

Name Change applications are to be e-Filed through the Franklin County e-Filing System and court costs are payable by credit or debit card. There is a separate 3% service charge for all credit/debit transactions that take place in the Probate Court.

Frequently Asked Questions About Name Changes

How Do I Apply For A Minor Name Change?

The applicant for the name change of a minor must obtain the consent of the minor's parents. If either parent does not consent then a hearing is required. Notice of the hearing must be given to the non-consenting parent(s). Notice is usually given by Certified U.S. Mail, and thegreen return card is filed with the Court. Consent must be obtained or notice given to anyone who could be considered a parent of the child. 


You do not need to apply for a legal name change if you were just married. The Certified Abstract of Marriage (green paper) obtained form the Marriage Department, can be used to legally change your last name if you wish. We recommend you obtain at least five copies of the document for the BMV, Social Security Administration, banks, employers, etc. 

What Is The Hearing Process?

Approximately 45 days after the Application For Name Change has been filed with the Court, a hearing before a Court magistrate may be held. At this time, hearings are conducted via Zoom. 

The magistrate will review submitted documents and hear testimony to determine if:

  • all of the statutory requirements have been met
  • there is reasonable and proper cause to grant the requested name change 
  • whether both parents have consented to the name change for minors
  • whether the name change is in the best interest of the child for minors
The consent of both parents is not always necessary for the approval of a name change for a minor. A magistrate may decide, after reviewing all of the facts, that the name change is in the minor's best interest and it is reasonable and proper to change the minor's name.

If the application is approved, the Court will provide the applicant with 4 certified copies of the Journal Entry Changing Name. If there has been a hearing, the applicant will receive these in the mail after a decisions has been issued. 


Make a list of all agencies, organizations, and institutions that should be informed of the name change. These may include:
  • financial institutions and creditors 
  • employers and schools 
  • social service agencies
  • the BMV and Social Security Administration
  • other government offices  
Making a list then notifying everyone on the list helps insure that everyone is informed of the name change. If the approved name change is substantially different from the name that is on the applicant's birth certificate or is for a minor, notice should be given to the Ohio Department of Health, Vital Statistics Division or the equivalent agency in the state where the person was born. The Name Change Entry does not change an Ohio birth certificate, but appends to it and becomes a part of the person's birth records if they were born in Ohio.


The Court will send notice for any required publication after fee has been paid to one of the following:

The Daily Reporter

580 South High Street 3rd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 224-4835

The Columbus Dispatch

34 South Third Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 461-5019