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Information For Unrepresented Individuals

Legal practice in the courts is restricted by law to attorneys who are licensed by the Ohio Supreme Court. Due to the complexity of the law, most individuals who have business with the court are represented by an attorney.
Court staff is prohibited by statue from giving legal advice.  

The following resources are provided to help you where court staff cannot. 

To obtain the appraised market value of Real Estate:
Franklin County Auditor’s Office: 373 S. High St, 19th floor – 614-525-4663
Franklin County Auditor Website

To obtain a copy of a deed:
Franklin County Recorder’s Office: 373 S. High St, 18th floor – 614-525-3930
Franklin County Recorder Website

To obtain a computer generated Auto Title:
Franklin County Clerk’s Office: 345 S. High St, 1st floor – 614-525-3090
  • Must have the VIN/Serial (Vehicle Identification Number) or the Certificate number
Franklin County Clerk of Court Auto Title

To obtain the value of a Motor Vehicle:
Kelley Blue Book Website
  • Click on Official Kelly Blue Book, and then follow prompts.
Real Estate Tax:
Franklin County Treasurer's Office: 345 S. High St, 17th floor - 614-525-3438
Franklin County Treasurer Website