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Media Access Requests

Media requests may be sent to the court's Chief Deputy Clerk, Gabrielle Wonnell. All media seeking to report onsite at the court are required to complete and file the Media Access Form.

General Guidelines

  • Not more than one portable camera of any type, operated by not more than one in-court camera person, shall be permitted in the courtroom without authorization of the judicial officer. 
  • Not more than one still photographer, utilizing not more than two still cameras of professional quality with not more than two lenses for each camera, shall be permitted without authorization of the judicial officer. 
  • All media coverage shall remain unobtrusive and not impede the usual course of courtroom proceedings.

Pool Camera Feeds

The first media outlet to submit a request, shall facilitate pool coverage for other outlets. The probate court does not have technology to assist with media coverage.

Media Resources Available

The county provides Wi-Fi access.