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Judge Mackey

Professional Experience

Judge Jeffrey D. Mackey
  • The Franklin County Probate Court is the largest single judge jurisdictional court in Ohio, and Judge Mackey is responsible for the probate needs of the approximately 1.4 million people of Franklin County
  • The Franklin County Probate Court has:
    • 1 Judge
    • 7 full-time Magistrates
    • 2 part-time job-sharing Magistrates
    • 4 special Magistrates at Twin Valley Behavior Health
    • 50+ clerks
    • Steady rotation of law students and graduate students participating in internships
  • 2019 Court Statistics
    • 544 adoption cases
    • 265 civil actions
    • 4,517 estates
    • 667 new adult guardianships with 5,635 open guardianships with the court as Superior Guardian
    • 226 new minor guardianship
    • 8,868 marriage licenses issued
    • Countless name changes and
    • 1,888 new involuntary civil commitment cases – average of 157 per month
  • In addition to the citizens of Franklin County, the Franklin County Probate Court is the hub and conducts mental health commitment hearings for the 17 counties surrounding Franklin County
  • What is Probate?  Wills, trusts, adult guardianships, minor guardianship, issuing marriage licenses, involuntary civil commitments, presumption of death of missing persons, actions concerning powers of attorney, complaints concerning use of life-sustaining treatments, applications to withdraw nutrition or hydration, rights of disposition of bodily remains, adoptions, name changes, birth corrections, etc.
  • Judge Mackey works closely with Ohio's public guardian of last resort - the Franklin County Guardianship Service Board
  • Judge Mackey operates the Franklin County Probate Court Legal Resource Center where a licensed independent attorney helps the people of Franklin County deal with small estates with no legal fees charged
  • Judge Mackey supports Limited Guardianships for Mental Health Care Purposes to assist the people of Franklin County dealing with mental illness
  • Judge Mackey operates an Outpatient Commitment Court to support people receiving mental health treatment in the community