Name Change Forms

Name Change Application Packets 
Adult Name Change Packet  
Minor Name Change Packet  
 Individual Name Change Forms 
Form Name  Form #
Journal Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice (Adult and Minor)  PC-NC-21.2B
Journal Entry - Change of Name (Adult only)  PC-NC-21.1
Affidavit - Parent's Name or Whereabouts Unknown (Minor only)  PC-NC-21.2E
Journal Entry - Minor Name Change (Minor only)  PC-NC-21.3
Consent to Name Change (Minor only)   PC-NC-21.4
Proposed Entry Continuing Hearing  ePC-EGT-1.De
Application to Waive Publication Requirement and Seal File  PC-NC-21.6
Judgment Entry Dismissing Application/Failed to Appear  PC-NC-21.6A
Judgment Entry Dismissing Application/Non Resident  PC-NC-21.6B
Rule 41 Stipulation of Dismissal  PC-NC-21.6C
Magistrate's Notes  PC-NC-21.7