Judge Robert G. Montgomery

Judge Robert G. Montgomery was elected Probate Judge by the people of Franklin County on November 2, 2010 and took office on January 1, 2011. He was re-elected to a new six-year term on November 4, 2014.

By law, Judge Montgomery serves as Administrative Judge of the Probate Division of the Common Pleas Courts, as well as, clerk of his own court.

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Mediation Services

Judge Montgomery started one of the state's first court-run mediation programs shortly after taking office in 2011.

Mediation is a problem solving process in which a neutral professional (the mediator) facilitates communication between parties involved in a probate dispute. The mediator does this by directing communication towards reaching an agreement which will resolve the dispute.

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Interpretation Services

The Franklin County Probate Court provides interpreters, free of charge, to facilitate the participation in court proceedings of persons who:

  • do not speak English

  • do not speak English as their primary language and who have limited ability to read, speak, write or understand English

  • are deaf or hard of hearing

Court interpreters help to ensure that all persons are given equal access to the court and that court proceedings function efficiently and effectively.

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Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed funds are money left to heirs in an estate who cannot be located. Once these heirs learn that they can receive this money they must contact the Probate Court and apply for payment.

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Guardianship Service Board

The Guardianship Service Board's primary purpose is to protect Franklin County's most vulnerable residents and is a collaborative effort between the Franklin County Probate Court, local charities and social-services organizations.

The Board’s Executive Director serves as the Guardian of Last Resort for eligible Franklin County residents.

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Probate Court


The Probate Court provides a variety of services to the legal community, as well as the general public and handles the following administrative functions:

probating of wills, estate administrations, trusts, guardianships, mental commitment hearings, adoptions, birth corrections, name changes, delayed birth registrations, custodial accounts, lost heir accounts, order disinterments, Adult Protective Services cases and issues nearly 10,000 marriage licenses per year.

In addition, the Court tries litigation issues in all of the above matters.

Letter of Instructions for Filing an Application for Authority to Expend Funds from Custodial Account

Proposed Revisions to the Probate Court Local Rules Open For Comment

Judge Robert G. Montgomery, Franklin County Probate Court Judge, provides notice of updates, additions and deletions to the Franklin County Probate Court Local Rules of Court. 

For your convenience, you may also pick up a red-lined version of the proposed revisions at the Court at 373 S. High Street, 22nd floor, Receptionist Desk.

Comment period will run until Noon on June 29, 2018.  Comments can be made either by mail to Robert G. Montgomery, Attn:  Local Rules Comment Box, 373 S. High Street, 22nd Floor, Columbus, OH  43215 OR to the e-mail address: ProbateLocalRules@franklincountyohio.gov

The new rules will take effect August 1, 2018.

Probate Court Creates Innovative Mental Health Program

Guardianship Service Board Works

Ohio County Establishes Unique Guardianship System

Better Care For The Vulnerable

Wexner Medical Center Teams Up With Court To Connect Patients With Guardians

Vulnerable Now Getting Better Help

Judge Montgomery Receives Prestigious Award

The National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter Region V nominated Judge Montgomery to receive their "Public Elected Official of the Year" award for 2016.

Judge Montgomery Creates the State's First Public Guardian

Superintendence Rule 66 Regarding Adult Guardianships

As of June 1, 2015 the Supreme Court of Ohio has implemented new Superintendence Rule 66 regarding adult guardianship cases. An important provision in this new rule is guardianship training which requires all guardians of adults to receive 6 hours of fundamental education, then 3 hours of continuing education every year thereafter.

In addition, the Court has enacted Local Rule 66.13 for the procedure for complaints.

Please visit the Court's website periodically for updates on guardian's responsibilities and other fundamental education sessions and future continuing education sessions.

Outpatient Only Commitments

The law regarding outpatient commitment for the mentally ill individual took effect on September 17, 2014. Please click here for further information.

Background Check Required For Guardianship Applicants

Upon applying for guardianship you are required to have a BCI background check performed. Background checks should be completed as soon as possible to allow for processing. Timeframe for processing is 3 to 30 days. Click on the below link to locate a BCI background check site near you.

Backgrounds checks may also be performed at Probate Court during regular business hours.