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As a result of the COVID-19 virus emergency, our filing process will change temporarily for cases that are physically paper-filed in our court. E-filing remains available without any change in procedures.
The probate court will remain open to the public and provide all essential services. However, to protect public health, citizens are discouraged from visiting the Franklin County Court complex for matters that are not essential or time sensitive.
Beginning immediately, you should file your paper-filed (non e-filing case) documents by mail or you can drop them off at the court in the 22nd floor lobby. The court’s mailing address is:
Franklin County, Ohio Probate Court
373 S. High Street, 22nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6311
The court will provide drop boxes for your convenience. The court cannot guarantee same-day service on paper filings or documents needing magistrate approval during this time.
Please note that the court can only accept payment by money order or attorney’s check at this time for paper-filed cases. Payment by cash or credit card is not available at the court until further notice, except in the marriage department. E-filing payments remain unaffected by these temporary changes.
The duty magistrate desk will be closed until further notice. Please drop off or mail all paper-filed documents requiring approval before filing per the process outlined above. (E-filing procedures remain the same.)
Court personnel are currently reviewing the hearing docket for the next several weeks. You will be notified if your case is being continued to a later date.
Please contact the court’s main phone number at 614-525-3894 to obtain information and availability for the Resource Center.
Filings for cases managed through the E-filing system will continue without any change in procedures.
At present, the marriage department will still be operating per normal to issue marriage licenses. Applicants must complete the online application before visiting the marriage department, which can be found on the marriage department section of the website. At this time, however, ONLY the applicants will be permitted into the marriage department. Applicants who have previously been married should obtain their most recent certified divorce/dissolution decree from the court in which it was granted before visiting the marriage department. A drop-off box is available to submit marriage license returns. Applicants who have completed their ceremony and returned their license for recording are encouraged to visit the website to order certified marriage abstracts online. Applicants may still use cash or credit card in the marriage department for transactions.
Thank you for your assistance and understanding as we continue to serve the public during this difficult time.