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Judge Montgomery Develops New Guardianship Program to Help Parents Address Mental Health Needs with Children

Judge Montgomery developed a new guardianship concept referred to as a “Limited Guardianship for Mental Health Care Purposes.” This Limited Guardianship will allow parents to stay involved in their children’s mental health care needs after they turn 18.  This will help children make a successful transition into their next phase of life without putting them under the burdens or confines of a full Guardianship.  This Limited Guardianship only comes into effect when parents are dealing with the mental health care needs of their child and is 100% confidential like all other medical information.

If you think this is a program that could benefit any member of your family, please feel free to contact the Franklin County Probate Court Resource Center at 614-525-3894 and ask to schedule an appointment.  You can also call the Resource Center Information Line at 614-525-3891 to learn more about our Franklin County Probate Court Resource Center.
Click here for Limited Guardianship for Mental Health Care Purposes Forms.