Release From Administration Forms

 Release From Administration Packets 
Basic Release from Administration Application Packet  
Commissioner Packet  
Summary Packet  
Real Estate Only Packet  
Will Packet  
Re-Open Release from Administration Packet  
Re-Open Summary Packet  
Individual Forms  
 Form Name  Form #
Release from Administration Information  PC-E-5.0B
Attention No Administration Applicants  PC-E-5.0C
Application to Relieve Estate from Administration  PC-E-5.0
Surviving Spouse, Next of Kin, Legatees and Devisees  PC-E-1.0
Assets and Liabilities of Estate to be Relieved from Administration  PC-E-5.1
Confidential Disclosure or Personal Identifiers  PC-45D
Waiver of Notice of Application to Relieve Estate from Administration  PC-E-5.2
No Administration Statement of Knowledge  PC-E-5.0F
Notice To Administrator of Estate Recovery Program  PC-E-7.0
Entry Relieving Estate from Administration  PC-E-5.6A
Application to Probate Will  PC-E-2.0
Application to File Will for Record Only  PC-E-2.0A
Waiver of Notice of Probate of Will  PC-E-2.1
Notice of Probate of Will  PC-E-2.2
Certificate of Service of Notice of Probate of Will  PC-E-2.4
Magistrate's Order Appointing Commissioner  PC-E-5.6B
Commissioner's Findings  PC-E-5.6C
Commissioner's Report of Distribution  PC-E-5.6D
Application for Certificate of Transfer  PC-E-12.0
Certificate of Transfer  PC-E-12.1A
Real Property Questionnaire  PC-E-5.1B
Application for Transfer of Motor Vehicle  PC-E-9.0C
Attention Summary Release From Administration Applicants  PC-E-5.10C
Application for Summary Release from Administration  PC-E-5.10A
Entry Granting Summary Release from Administration  PC-E-5.11
Motion to Release Information  PC-E-1.T
Application for Release of Asset(s) [Not to exceed $200.00]  PC-E-5.1C
Application to Inventory Asset(s)  PC-E-5.1D
Funeral Bill Payment Verification  PC-E-5.0H
Notice of Application to Relieve Estate From Administration  PC-E-5.3
Notice to Hold Estate Open  PC-E-5.0G
Entry Admitting Will to Probate  PC-E-2.3
Return Receipt for Notice of Probate of Will  PC-E-2.2R
Application to Re-Open Release from Administration  PC-E-15.2